Shop Interior

Shop Interior

You wish to start a new shop or a new trade? You would like to renew your commercial space? Our professional team is at your disposal to provide you with the right solutions.

The analysis of your request, the achievement of an implementation project, the manufacturing and the installation of the furniture in your shop is the core of our business. Our many achievements are there to testify our professionalism. Do not hesitate to contact us: visit our showroom, request the visit of one our delegates or even ask for addresses or pictures of our latest realisations.

Office Interior

Office Interior

Our skills and our modern computerized machines allow us to respond to many production requests, as specially classic or design custom furniture for offices.

In this case 2 ways of working are offered to you: based on your architect's plan or based on a study of your request by our team.

Home Interior

Home Interior

The factoring of indoor furniture adapted to the needs of individuals is also one of our business possibilities.

In this case 2 ways of working are offered to you: based on your architect's plan or based on a study of your request by our team.

Our production hall

Our main concern is to provide you with inventive solutions. Therefore we listen to your needs. Nobody knows best the customers of his store and their requests than the tradesman himself. Therefore you are, for us, an important partner for our analyse.

Intuitively you know that you need to improve and refresh your commercial space, but you don't know how. It is from this moment that we intervene. We will translate your whish and needs into a project. First of all with a ground plan and 3 dimensions elevation.

As soon as we have realized a plan that you have approved, the next steps will be managed by our professional team in a limit of time. Working with dead-lines is a daily routine for Interstock.

The final realisation must correspond to your expectations. Therefore a good communication between the customer and Interstock is very important.

If you have such plans today, we will have a pleasure to take part in this important and exciting project.




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